4 Plinths Sculpture Award #6

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Four dramatic interpretations of planet earth will be installed on the four plinths between Te Papa and Circa Theatre early next year.

We have selected the design from Auckland-based artist Ruth Watson, from a wide range of submissions, for a commission of $40,000.

Entitled Other Worlds, each piece is made of polystyrene with steel interiors. One represents earth movement in the wake of earthquakes based on satellite imagery; another the world without water based on an early Dutch map dated around 1690. The third based on NASA material represents variations in the earth’s gravitational field while the fourth is an old vision of Mars.

Ruth Watson is an internationally recognised artist who has had over 25 solo exhibitions in New Zealand, Australia, Europe and the USA. She has used a wide variety of materials to stretch and re-present maps and globes to challenge the way the world is normally represented and to transform their meanings.

Of her Other Worlds work she notes that “they offer images of the world that are not entirely familiar. Each is based on an existing model but should remain unexpected. My aim is to show us the world anew, encouraging new ways of thinking about an image we take for granted.”

The sculpture will be the sixth in the 4 Plinths sculpture series which has now been running for 10 years. Each work remains on site for two years. Other Worlds will be installed in February 2018 for the opening of next year’s International Arts Festival.