The sculptors and sculptures are selected in several ways depending on the project, but only two have been brought ‘ready-made’ with our firm preference for site specific work. The two include: Chris Booth’s Peacemaker to mark the centenary of the Botanic Garden; and Phil Price’s Protoplasm for Lambton Quay.

We jointly commissioned Neil Dawson’s Ferns with the New Zealand International Festival of the Arts, but largely we have called for expressions of interest from either a small number of sculptors selected by Trustees and our Arts Advisory Panel, or gone out with an open invitation to individual sculptors as well as collaborations between artists and other practices.

The Arts Advisory Panel is made up of arts professionals who assist in the selection processes. The panel currently comprises arts practitioners, the director of the City Gallery, Wellington, curators and an architect. Urban design and public safety advice is provided by the Wellington City Council’s liaison officer.

Wellington City Council plays a significant role. It provides most of our sites, helps supervise the installation of sculptures, and becomes the owner and caretaker of the sculptures on behalf of the city and the Trust after an appropriate defect liability period.

The Trust also has honorary advisers separate from its arts advisers to broaden its resources. These people have expertise in fields such as engineering, financial management and law. 

Trustees meet monthly to facilitate and plan the work of the Trust and run projects through various sub-committees. The Trust employs a part-time administrator.