The top is a European version of the potaka with Maori references in the hieroglyphics. 

The symbols on the lower side are astrological, and on the upper side they trace the history of Whanganui-a-Tara (Wellington).

Robert Jahnke lives in Palmerston North where he heads the School of Maori Studies at Massey University. 

Robert produces works with a political message and explores culture and history. He had been working on a series of Maori spinning tops or potaka and for this commission he included a pictorial history of Wellington. The upper side illustrates the political centre (the Beehive), the coming of Christianity (a church), the sea and seafood, the harbour taniwha (mythological creatures) and other representations.

The artwork makes whimsical reference to an old vehicle turntable previously on the site.

Stainless steel / 2900 x 3500mm
Woodward Street
Funded by the Jack and Emma Griffin Charitable Trust