The specific history of these people is not the point of the work. The portraits signify the
diversity in family histories throughout New Zealand and foremost to this is the notion that personal history is paramount in the formation of a national one.

Cathryn Monro lives in Wellington and exhibits regularly throughout New Zealand. Since graduating from Elam School of Fine Arts she has undertaken several private and public

Per Capita means “for each head of population”. The composition of the work is very simple; it’s a 4 piece puzzle. Yet the pieces don’t fit together. So it is not simple anymore. An obvious sense of fitting and belonging is immediately confounded.

Two pieces are shaped as portraits in profile, and two have the profiles cut out from a square – i.e. two are in positive form and two in negative space.

Weathering steel plate / 4 x 4000mm tall with variable widths
Cnr. of Cable and Tory Streets
Funded by the Museum Hotel owner and former City Councillor Chris Parkin