I have used colour as a measuring element and so the sequence goes from green through the spectrum to red.  As a result the viewer is able to read wind speed through colour.  

Tower of Light is a machine that uses the wind speed and converts that into light using very simple technology. The stronger the wind speed the more neon rings are lit.

Andrew Drummond lives in Christchurch. His work explores the connection between people and the land, the management of our environment and the conservation of natural resources.

He has been the recipient of a number of major awards, and has been artist in residence in galleries and universities in New Zealand, Australia and Great Britain.

This is the second work by Andrew Drummond commissioned for Wellington by the Trust. See Listening and Viewing Device in the Botanic Garden walk.

Steel, neon rings / 9000 x 2000
Cobham Drive
With funding from Meridian Energy and Wellington City Council