Zephyrometer is a type of free-form gauge with a considerable reliance on precision engineering, as well as a scientific concept. Its beauty is derived through its need to function.   

The dynamic mast-like structure graphically marks out the strength and direction of the prevailing wind with an elegant swaying motion. The shape, construction and movements of the sculpture are beautifully reflective of the site adjacent to the Evans Bay Marina.

This is the second work by Phil Price commissioned for Wellington by the Trust. See Protoplasm in the Lambton Quay walk.

Phil Price lives in Canterbury and has exhibited in group and solo shows in New Zealand and Australia. Phil is fascinated by scientific discovery and his work walks the line between art and science, drawing on physics for the complex mechanics required for kinetic sculpture. 

Epoxy glass, carbon fibre, concrete, steel, timber / 33m
Cobham Drive
With funding from Meridian Energy and Wellington City Council