4 Plinths 2: Mimetic Brotherhood

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Peter Trevelyan’s Mimetic Brotherhood, was the second 4 Plinths Sculpture Project commission.


The first event of the New Zealand International Arts Festival, the launch of Peter Trevelyan's work took place on a still fine evening, perfect for showing the reflections of the guests, surrounding buildings and the clear blue sky in the mirrored equilateral triangles that made up the work.


Comprised of four bulbous, flexible forms which enveloped each plinth, Peter said of his works: ‘They are an ever-changing translation of their environment with the surfaces reflecting the harbour, Te Papa, and passers-by - these reflections shimmer with the wind."


The public greeted Mimetic Brotherhood with a great deal of enthusiasm, and in some cases too much enthusiasm, re-shaping the works with bodily vigour so that the Trust regretfully had to place signs asking people not to touch the work. 


Officially launched on the 24th February 2010 by the Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage, Hon Chris Finlayson, the work remained in place until February 2012.