Katherine Mansfield’s ambition was to be seen first as a writer and then as a woman. With this in mind, the work is designed to capture the essence of Katherine Mansfield while celebrating her literary heritage.

Women of Words celebrates the life and work of Katherine Mansfield. The stainless steel figurative work is entirely laser cut with quotations from Mansfield’s journals and short stories. During the day the sculpture reflects the colour, movement and ambience of the
surrounding area. At night, illuminated from within, the work becomes a lantern of silhouetted words.

Marine grade 316 stainless steel / H 3300mm
Midland Park, Lambton Quay
A joint commission by the Katherine Mansfield Society, Wellington City Council and the Wellington Sculpture Trust.  With funding from the Nikau Foundation, Apex Properties Ltd, Wellington City Council, Todd Corporation, Wellington Community Trust, Mark McGuiness, Jon Craig and many other donors