The discs are strewn about the site to evoke a sense of randomness. Seismic is intended to be a sculpture that you pass through and perhaps contemplate the precarious nature of our environment along the way.

Louise Purvis lives in Auckland and her primary mediums are stone and metals. Her works often have a simplicity to them which belies their actual making. Recent works have explored land forms and notations of marking and mapping.

Seismic is a direct response to the site. Each disc tells of an event:  Topographical Map Section references the location and marks the exact path of a segment of Wellington’s fault line; Seismic Shock records the earthquake itself; Disrupt speaks to the earth moving and the disruption that takes place; and Split tells of the result of an earthquake and the opening and movement of tectonic plates. 

Carrara marble / 4x 1.600mm wide, 600mm deep discs
Bunny Street
With funding support from TOWER Group, Victoria University of Wellington and Wellington City Council