Invisible City is about how we see, how we acquire information and how some things in life are hidden – the sculpture has a defiant muteness. 

Invisible City is an intervention in an otherwise highly designed pedestrian area; it references the shape of the buildings and commands attention like two pages of a book. Invisible City is a collaboration with blind poet, Peter Beatson of Palmerston North.  The poem in Braille relates to Beatson’s physical experience of walking around Wellington. 
Dr Peter Beatson

Invisible City

Dr Peter Beatson

The word made flesh can bleed; are we bound or free?

Embracing visual silence, alone I breed
a virtual skin of words across the void
but if the fault line ruptures, the word made flesh will bleed.

By the unseen quay I plant this graven seed.
Flayed by the wind, of permanence devoid,
tethered sign to skin, we’re both bound and freed

Stainless steel / 2600 x 1350mm
Corner of Lambton Quay and Grey Street

Funded by the Jack and Emma Griffin Charitable Trust