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For a City of Sculpture      

The Wellington Sculpture Trust is a registered charitable trust dependent for all its revenue on the grants, donations and sponsorships provided by its supporters.

The scope of this support has grown in recent years as more of Wellington’s citizens appreciate the value of public art in the city, and businesses recognise the long term benefits from an association with our sculptures.

Sculptures become a part of our identity. They are an investment. Ferns in particular has become an icon which is used to promote Wellington in its many ventures.

The Wellington Sculpture Trust extends an invitation to you to share in building this legacy for Wellington and enriching the lives of the residents of this city. In so doing you will also be helping to foster the practice of contemporary sculpture in New Zealand.

You will be part of a tradition of excellence, helping to guarantee that this body of work continues to grow and inspire generations of art lovers for many years to come. The sculptures are a voyage of discovery around our city.

Newsletters and events will keep you up to date with all of the WST happenings including the selection of works through the commissioning processes, their installation and their unveiling.

We have several membership categories to choose from and below is a list of membership categories and what that entails

Individual - $40

  • Newsletter
  • Invitation to sculpture launches
  • Invitations to special events (AGM, tours, lectures etc)

Concession (students) - $20

  • All of the above

Couple/Family - $60

  • All of the above plus:
  • Benefits of Individual membership for two (one mailing address)

If you are interested in becoming a Member of the Trust please email us at

To join the Wellington Sculpture Trust please fill in the following form and we will be in touch with you soon

Membership Type


We have different categories of donations, below, however we accept donations at any time of any amount.

Steel Donor - $250

One year individual membership plus recognition in newsletters

Bronze Donor - $1000

One year family membership plus recognition in newsletters

Marble Donor - $3000 +

Three year family membership plus recognition in newsletters and events, with name on plaque of a new sculpture 

Neon Major Donor- $5000 +

Five year family/corporate membership plus recognition in newsletters and events, with name on plaque individually listed on a new sculpture

Titanium Principal Donor $30,000 +

Ten year family/corporate membership plus recognition in newsletters and at events with logo and name on plaque on a new sculpture. An accompanied tour of the Wellington Sculptures for up to 20 people 

If you are interested in discussing a sponsorship possibility please contact the Chair, Sue Elliott on 027 446 2964 or the Administrator, Kelly McDonald, on 04 499 6644 or email us at