The Wellington Sculpture Trust was established in 1982 and is a voluntary and independent charitable trust dedicated to enriching Wellington by providing contemporary innovative public art for the city.

We have installed 27 works in the city centre, waterfront, along Cobham Drive near Wellington’s airport, and in the Botanic Garden.

The large body of work that is now in these locations provides for three distinct sculpture walks that enable people to enjoy the works in the gardens, on the waterfront, or in the CBD, as well as being able to enjoy them as they get about the city.

Our aim is not only to commission public works of art, but also to encourage and support sculptural practice in New Zealand. 

All our sculptures, with one notable exception (the Henry Moore) are by prominent New Zealand sculptors. Their contribution to our cityscape is enduring and enriches the creative atmosphere of the city; making art accessible to everyone, and raising awareness, understanding and appreciation of contemporary public sculpture.  

Ultimately these works make Wellington a better place to live and visit.

The focus is on permanent public sculptures, however, in 2008 the Trust established the 4 Plinths Sculpture Project - a temporary biennial installation.

We also periodically run symposiums and facilitate speakers to inform, enhance and contribute to the debate on what constitutes public art and the place for both temporary and permanent works.

Informed by many years of commissioning works in public spaces, the Trust has a particular expertise in the rigours required to select, maintain, assess for robustness and health and safety requirement that come with working in a public outdoor environment.

We have particularly special relationship with the Wellington City Council that has been built up over years through mutual trust and the palpable difference the Trust has made to the city. We have also been assisted along the way and for various projects by City Shaper (formerly Wellington Waterfront Ltd.), Meridian Energy, TOWER Group Ltd, Creative New Zealand, the Wellington Community Trust, and many other sponsors, donors and members who have helped us deliver the sculptures that now make up our walks.