Plimmer's Ark Wood Project

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The Wellington Sculpture Trust have asked nine artists to submit a proposal for the design of a new sculpture to be located on the Wellington Waterfront. 

This sculpture project involves using the recently acquired ship timbers and artefacts from the remains of The Inconstant that was shipwrecked in Wellington Harbour in 1849. John Plimmer famously turned the wreck of the ship into Noah’s Ark trading venue that became known as Plimmer’s Noah’s Ark. Some of the remains of Plimmer’s Ark can be seen under the Old Bank Arcade on Lambton Quay; we have acquired the rest which consists of intact portions of the ship, individual timbers and a number of artefacts such as nails, shoe leather and casings. The ship’s timber is of great historical significance to Wellington City. 

We have passed on to the artists that the sculpture must be predominantly made from this wood and speak to the wood’s history. The artwork may include narrative, literally through text, or through abstract imagery. 

At this stage there are two proposed sites on the waterfront – The soon to be developed northern end of Kumutoto Plaza, or on the corner of Waitangi Park where Oriental Parade and Cable Street connect.