Fibre-Optic Colonnade Car Wash

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Fibre-Optic Colonnade Car Wash by artist Eddie Clemens is an ambitious new work that will transform a pedestrian thoroughfare linking the railway station with Wellington’s waterfront and CBD.

Eddie is well underway with the fabrication of this work which the Trust is hoping to install in February 2024.

Sited in the gloomy Shed 21 colonnade on Waterloo Quay, the light work will be visible both day and night and provide an engaging and uplifting space for pedestrians through an architecturally significant heritage building.

Fibre-Optic Colonnade Car Wash is a kinetic light sculpture that takes the form of an automatic tunnel car wash with one dramatic twist: the bristles of the spinning car wash brushes are fibre-optic cables that will literally wash the colonnade and pedestrians in light and colour.