Regan Gentry

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Regan Gentry was born in 1976.  His projects aim to illustrate social and historic aspects of a particular place. Art has always been a way to explore the world around me and help others engage better with their surrounds along the way. Like reading a story at bedtime, we know the underlying narrative but love to hear it retold in a different voice.

I’ve been lucky enough to receive a number of significant commissions throughout NZ, and a few offshore, which have all managed to draw in their own energy and issues.

Each project begins with the period of wide ranging research, and probing of possible concepts. A local story or theme is hit upon, and then mediums with a strong connection to the area are selected. Groups, or individuals, that are implicated in the story are sought out and the designs are discussed and rationalised. Practicality and functionality have their turn at guiding the design phase, and then the method of construction is tuned to fit the scenario. This approach has led me to use a wide range of materials and engage with numerous communities.