Wellington City Council

We have a particularly special relationship with the Wellington City Council that has been built over many years through mutual trust and the palpable difference the Trust has made to the city.

Each successive Mayor has taken a particular interest in our activities and we are enormously grateful for the support we have received over the years.  We have a close working relationship with the Creative Capital team and Waterfront and City Parks. These officers work closely with us during the commissioning phase and are signatories to the contracts we sign with our artists.

In more recent years we have received a grant from the Public Arts Panel. We have a self-imposed ceiling of keeping public funding of each of our sculptures to 20% of the value, unless we are specifically partnering with the Council as we have with Woman of Words and Walk the Line.

On final completion of our works and following a set defects liability period, the ownership of all our sculptures are handed over to Council and it assumes responsibility for the ongoing repairs and maintenance. In this regard we work closely with the Waterfront & City Parks unit.