Public Art Talk IV Elizabeth Thomson

Elizabeth Thomson, with the support of her Wellington dealer gallery, Page Blackie Gallery, hosted a talk and tour at her studio space in Newtown on Saturday 4 November. 

Elizabeth, who has served as an Arts Adviser to the Trust for several years, is a well-established artist known for her bronze leaves and beautifully crafted white and black moths. During the talk Elizabeth spoke about her strong interest in the environment and natural forms which have inspired her works and her development over the years. 

Elizabeth is a very versatile and technically savvy artist, whose studio reflected this in the range of equipment which she has on hand.  For a long time she has worked in bronze, as used for her leaves, but also in a large public work commissioned for an Auckland building where she cast 500 small, often patinated, fish. She also uses a range of other techniques, including flocking, screen printing, and the employment of glass beading on surfaces to create light effects to enhance the visual imagery of her photographic  works.  She also developed a work in glass which features in the ground floor foyer of the Vero Building in Auckland.

Elizabeth explained the various techniques which she uses and also showed us how some of these (e.g. wax moulding, flocking) are done.

Elizabeth currently has an exhibition of her works at Aratoi, Masterton, running 9.12.17 – 2.5.18.