Gibbs Farm 2017

Once again, with thanks to our wonderful supporters and the generosity of Gibbs Farm we had a great day out on the Kaipara Harbour. Many also added on a visit to the nearby Sculpture on the Gulf on Waiheke Island.

Although the weather gods threatened a torrential downpour and a very muddy trip, by early afternoon the mist subsided and the clouds parted. The sun lit up the sculptures and those who had dressed to the forecast found themselves a little hot under the collar.

Guests were fortunate to have Alan Gibbs speak at lunch time about the history of the Farm, and the intricacies around consents, engineering and installation of such large sculptures.

Gibbs Farm changes with every visit: sometimes the landscape has altered or the placement of some of the less monumental works changes, and there is always a new sculpture to see.

This visit introduced us to Sentinels by Andrew Rogers, the newest work at Gibbs Farm. The Sculpture consists of four precisely aligned, solid black concrete rectilinear columns. Standing at 15 metres high they are eight-times human height, adding to the overwhelming scale of works at Gibbs Farm and a sense of our own brevity in such a vast landscape.