The iconic sculpture Ferns, by prominent New Zealand artist Neil Dawson, sat above Civic Square for 17 years. The work captures the spirit of Wellington and features in countless photographs, videos, advertising campaigns, and is often used to promote our great city.

Loved by us, and others, we want to return this sculpture to Wellington.

We are currently fundraising to get to the target of $210,000. We have raised $110,000 but still need the rest!

If you would like to make a donation towards the project you can make a bank deposit or send a cheque to us (details below). You can also contact us on 04 4996644 or at wellingtonsculpture@xtra.co.nz.

Wellington Sculpture Trust
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PO Box 195
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As many of you know, in late 2015 Ferns was taken down. Over it’s 17 years the sculpture developed structural weaknesses, exacerbated by the Wellington wind. Although it was fixed several times, the Council received professional advice that the work was no longer safe to be suspended, and couldn’t be repaired in a way that would last. Since then the Trust, Wellington City Council and artist, Neil Dawson, have been working on a replacement.

Neil took his inspiration for the original Ferns from the natural environment, using the silver ponga fern and four additional varieties of ferns (petako, lace fern, wheki and puniu) to create a suspended globe of delicate lacy fern fronds.

The new Ferns will include a stronger internal structure and be cut from stainless steel, which is more robust.

The Council is a major funder, however the Trust is helping with fundraising and are looking to raise $210,000 from the community.